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Hirata Corporation of America

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Assembly Cell System (ACS)



Modular Production Assembly Platform

ACS - Assembly Cell System

The ACS is the basis for current and future production systems providing for a standard platform for which your entire assembly process can be built around. It also provides the ability to add for space protection of future products that can be easily adpated to the core machine.ACS

Sized for larger production systems, it allows for assembly of engines and transmissions.



The ACS-C is designed for smaller components such as automotive components / battery production and general assembly items. Several of the benefits are listed below.


  • High Speed Applications
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Reduced Initial Investment
  • Redeployable for future products
  • Enables Faster Launch Time
  • Modular Design Flexibility
  • Simple "Add as You Go" Architecture for Model Proliferation
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