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Hirata Corporation of America

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Green Tire Manufacturing

Getting your Green Tire to the press and out the door is the goal. Hirata offers and has integrated many means of doing just this. From manual carting to AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicles), to RGV’s (Rail Guided Vehicles) from the floor or the ceiling, Hirata will work with your engineers to determine what method best fits in your space, with your resources, and within your budget.

Tire 1


Hirata On Odoriko (Tire Sorter)

ODORIKO means tire sorter from Hirata. Our simple design and standard flexible pick head 13” – 24.5” I.D. allows for a diverse mix of processed tires.  ODORIKO is capable of sorting passenger tires and truck tires with production output rates of 4000 tires per day. Picking single tires or multiple, supplying pallets or exit conveyors, ODORIKO makes it happen.

Tire 2


Hirata Standard Products

Pictured below are some of the standard conveyance devices that are used in our tire sorter application.

Tire 3

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