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Processing Expertise Across a Wide Array of Industries

Expereince LabelsHirata Corporation of America (HCA) is known throughout the NAFTA region in many industries as the world's leader of production engineering systems. Hirata serves many diverse manufacturing industries, from semiconductors that demand a high degree of precision and cleanliness, to more conventional large scale manufacturing applications like engine / transmission assembly or tire production.

The breadth of our experience is unmatched by others. We often leverage our know-how and technology learned in one industry and apply it to another seemingly dissimilar industry. We've demonstrated time and again our ability to raise our customers' productivity, lower cost, and improve return on investment with solutions that are both affordable and durable.

Key Customer References
Powertrain Group Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Cummins, Allison, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, Jatco
Light Assembly Group Denso, Continental, Siemens, Dell, Autoliv
Production Group Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Autoliv, Cummins, Allison, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, Denso, Continental, Siemens

Key Industries Served

Powertrain / Vehicle Systems / Electronics / Alternate Energy / Solar / Battery Systems / General Consumer Goods / Food Service / Flat Panel / Aerospace / Medical Instruments / Pharmaceutical / Tire / Components

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